Data Mining services and Web research services that we offer help businesses get critical information for their analysis and marketing campaigns.

As this process requires professionals with good knowledge in internet research or online research, customers can take advantage of outsourcing their Data Mining Services, Data extraction, and Data Collection, Web Research, Data Capture and Web Scraping projects resources at a very competitive price.

As there are millions of web pages on the internet already, and more new websites are hosted, and information on existing websites is updated daily, businesses are required to keep their database updated regularly and populate their sites with new data, create mailing lists, and update existing databases. To help them, our Data Entry Services provides the following Data Mining and Web Research services:

  • Web Data Mining
  • Web Research
  • Data Collection
  • Data Extraction
  • Web Scraping

Data Mining Services and Web Research Services Involve

  • Data Collection or Data Extraction- collecting information based on client requirements from different websites by a manual or automated process.
  • Running customized scripts for data extraction or data capture from websites with huge volume of data which saves time and cost.
  • Populating information into desired output formats like MS Excel, MS Access, CSV formats or any other formats according to client requirements.
  • Creating mailing lists with information like contact name, title, company information, address, telephone, fax, contact email, website etc. for marketing campaigns, and advertisements.
  • Collecting product details like price, product description, quantity, and images or photos from other websites or product catalogs, and feeding them into content management systems or online portals.
  • Checking for product updates like prices, product availability or product specifications, which change frequently and updating the database of e-commerce websites.
  • Web Research – is a process where we search for and provide information that is fluid and ever-changing. With our team of expertise, we do web research or online research, and find relevant information as needed with various keyword combinations in search engines to extract the required information for research.
  • Web Scraping – is a process to extract the content from different websites and put them in different formats like MS Excel, MS Access or any other format according to client requirements.

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