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At Ames IT, we believe that training makes all the difference in IT industry. Change is a part of IT industry with existing technologies continuously changing with new features being added every time. Newer technologies emerge while the older technologies become obsolete. To be in sync with tomorrow we believe we need training today.

We provide state of the art In-House training/Online training/Corporate training to our clients and consultants in different technologies to meet present market needs.

Our training and mentoring services help students from different backgrounds to build right skill level among their workforce to support various IT and network related projects in enterprises. We have certified professionals to provide training, support and guidance.

Our training programs cover a wide range of technologies to help jump start students’ IT career in the US. Our training allows you to maintain productivity and also help you during on job production issues. Our training programs are designed by combining real world scenarios, lessons learned over years of hands on experience and research.

Software Development

A company’s applications are the “digital nervous system” of their business processes. Ames IT and…

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Data Mining

Data Mining services and Web research services that we offer help businesses get critical information…

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Supply Chain Optimization

Ames IT provides cost-effective and customized Supply Chain Optimization offers decision support solutions for supply…

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美国艾慕科技有限公司(Ames IT and Numeric Solutions,LLC)是一家基于Web软件开发服务公司,总部位于美国爱荷华州,是爱荷华州境内50名最大H1B雇主之一。 我们提供包括网站开发,软件应用开发,数据挖掘和智能管理,搜索引擎优化和网络营销平台等一系列端对端的整体解决方案;凭借多年互联网应用和数据库开发的经验,我们公司成功地与初创企业和大型企业,生产世界一流的交互式Web应用程序的前端和后端,凭借在数据管理和商业智能分析领域的专业知识和丰富的行业经验,还可以帮助客户寻求成本效益最优化的运营解决方案,为他们提供有针对性的用户数据管理,供应链优化,营销战略分析等。


IT Project Management

At Ames IT, we believe that training makes all the difference in IT industry.

Business Analyst

At Ames IT, we believe that training makes all the difference in IT industry.


IT Project Management & Business Analyst IT项目管理和商业分析师培训生






课程内容:Requirement Analysis, Software Development Life Cycle, Project Planning, Budget Estimation, resources planning, Agile methodology, Testing, Reporting, Project Coordination, Team organization and Team Leading.

Business Intelligence Developer 商业智能报表开发工程师培训生






课程内容:T-SQL, Relational Database Theory, MS SQL Server, SSIS, Python, Reporting, Database Design, DataWarehouse.

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We carry out expertise E-business solutions using current edge-cut technologies to meet clients’ specific needs. We also provide consultations on database management, data mining, reporting, user management, strategic planning and marketing to our clients.

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