Ames IT provides cost-effective and customized Supply Chain Optimization offers decision support solutions for supply chain management.

Our supply chain optimization applications are designed to complement and enhance existing investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions. These applications help companies make better decisions faster, addressing: global supply chain design, network optimization and sourcing strategies; inventory optimization help customers to set and maintain the best inventory levels as well as the optimal flow for inventory distribution, vehicle routing and route planning, also with production planning and detailed scheduling.

We focused on the following areas for Supply Chain Planning and Optimization:

  • Network & Sourcing Optimization: Manage business growth through ongoing strategic planning and production sourcing optimization.
  • Inventory & Flow Path Optimization: Set and maintain the best inventory flow and levels for inventory distribution.
  • Strategic Route Planning: Optimize the utilization of your transportation assets with vehicle routing and shipment planning.
  • Flexible Planning & Scheduling: Solve complex industry-specific planning and scheduling challenges with standard out-of-the-box optimization capabilities and configurable industry modules.

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